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ABC’s of The Goodman’s



Apple or Orange: Apples, with peanut butter or caramel!
Best place you’ve ever been to: Toss up between my hometown, Berlin Germany – and Labadee Haiti.
Chore I hate: Cleaning the bathtub.
Dogs: Love me some Shibas!
Essential start of your day: Checking twitter, deleting spam email and TTC meds.
Favorite Color: Pink, with lime green in a close second.
Go-to accessory: Big dangling earrings or a great lipstick.
Height: 5’2 barefoot.
Instruments: Nevaaaahhh.
Just learned how to: be patient. Its uber hard.
Kids: I. can. NOT. wait!
Live: With my main man 🙂 & the two pupperoos.
Miss most about being a kid: Running around the streets & shops of Germany with mi mama.
Next dream vacation: BORA BORA.
One of the most played songs on your iPod: Be Ok – Ingrid Michaelson
Quote from a movie: “Lets do it. Lets go get the shit kicked out of us by love” – Love Actually
Right or left handed: Right for almost everything, left for hockey!
Siblings: Just me.
Time you wake up: Now that I’m a stay at home wife, it truly varies. I’d say a good average is 10am.
Uptown or Downtown: Because of college, definitely a downtown girl.
Vegetables you dislike: I think all of them.
What makes you run late: Traffic lights, or my husband. Grrr!
X-rays you’ve had done: Shin for a stress fracture, hsg, and oodles of ultrasounds for my babymaker. And my foot! Last night!
Yummy food you make: I make food?!
Zoo animal: Zoo’s really need more Elephants. Yep. Until then, i’ll admire the Giraffes 🙂

Apple or Orange: Oranges are citrusey and delicious!
Best place you’ve ever been to: Paris!
Chore I hate: Cleaning the guest toilets.
Dogs: Shiba’s! Duh!!
Essential start of your day: Daily Bible Reading.
Favorite Color: Blue.
Go-to accessory: Earrings.
Height: 5′ 10”
Instruments: Piano.
Just learned how to: Swing Dance!
Kids: None yet…
Live: In the Heights, Columbia Heights that is.
Miss most about being a kid: Sleeping anywhere!
Next dream vacation: Trip to Europe.
One of the most played songs on your iPod: Knucklehead – Grover Washington
Pet Peeve: Tapping or dinging from another cube at work.
Quote from a movie: “Mom, the meatloaf!! F#%*!”
Right or left handed: Rightie.
Siblings: Oldest Bro: Eli, Older Bro: Josh
Time you wake up: 5:00 AM
Uptown or Downtown: Downtown
Vegetables you dislike: Beets, barf!
What makes you run late: Trying to do that one last thing before I go.
X-rays you’ve had done: Left leg, broken fibula in high school. (Played on it for two weeks!)
Yummy food you make: BBQ!
Zoo animal:  Little Monkeys